While there are a lot of commercially available electronics prototyping platforms, such as Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos, the best solution is a custom circuit board, optimised for power consumption, size and shape, that contains all your sensors, power management and processing in one board.

Think Engineer can select suitable electronic components for your prototype, create electronics schematics, multi-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs, industry standard manufacturing files and produce an initial run of your custom PCB, whether you want 5 for in house testing of 500 for larger scale user trials, we can produce them for you any a variety of sizes shapes and colours!

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We don’t offer high volume production services, but we are happy to introduce you to our manufacturing partners or assist in handing over all required design files and test procedures to your manufacturers after we've created and tested the design.

Sub GHz Radio

We can develop low power long range low data rate devices with Sub GHz radio connections, this may include LoRa, SigFox, or proprietary protocols. We can develop firmware, hardware and protocols for Sub GHz radios.

Bluetooth low energy

We can create BLE devices that can connect to a mobile phone, app or BLE gateway. This can be the development of a custom PCB as well as the required firmware to implement custom BLE Services and Characteristics.

GPRS & 3G Cellular Connections

For devices that won’t have access to Bluetooth, WiFi or other local internet connections, we can create custom devices that will connect to the internet using 2G and 3G cellular modems.

Electronic Design

We can select the appropriate specification component to use in your hardware, whether that is processor, sensors, power management or wireless connectivity. We can then de-risk the electronics design by utilizing bespoke and Off-The-Shelf modules to test the design before making a fully bespoke circuit board.