A complete IoT prototyping and development service.




Bespoke designed printed circuit boards

Experts in many radio technologies

Expertise in machine learning and AI

Software, firmware & app development

We offer a two way NDA as standard

Unrivalled skill and experience in IoT





The Prototyping Process...




We'll start by building a mutual understanding of your business / project and talk over some options before doing research.

At the end of this an initial proposal will be made.

Consultation is free!

System Design

We will carry out detailed research into the technologies which could be used, identify necessary subsystems and design all parts of the project and how they interact both with each other and existing systems.

A system design document will then be created.

Design Validation

We will endeavour to prove the concept and de-risk the system we have proposed with early stages of software design and hardware integration. The foundation for the rest of the development project is now in place.

Build It

Custom software, PCB design, creation and testing, data analysis and algorithm development, 3D design/ Printing, all as necessary depending on the scope of the project.

Integration and Testing

This is the interesting bit. Your idea comes to life, all our systems, hardware, software, etc come together and a working prototype is the result.

Rinse and Repeat

The process usually requires some in-project changes at this stage which will mean going over those last two steps again.

Project Finalisation

Now we hand over all technical know-how, data and designs to you. We can also assist on the technical side of handover, communicating with your technical departments, manufacturer or other 3rd party as required.



Recent Blog Posts



Security, the Internet of Things and Microcontrollers

The Internet of Things (IoT), in its essence, covers connecting a large number of devices (Things) to the internet (Internet). This is highly useful, as it gives devices on the ground access to the cloud, however it also exposes said devices to many threats and brings in more attack vectors to wherever the devices are installed. As a result, security should always go hand in hand when talking about IoT.

How to obtain an SSL certificate for a containerised web application - for free!

If you're reading this then it's safe to assume that I don't need to explain why it's important to secure your web service, we can just jump straight into the how. Unfortunately, a catch-all tutorial is simply not possible with the plethora of technologies within the modern developer's arsenal so I've decided upon a tech stack similar to ours at Think Engineer for this tutorial. So, a more specific title…

The Festival of Digital Disruption (FoDD) 2018

The Festival of Digital Disruption, put on annually by Louize Clark and ConnectTVT, celebrates the tech industry in the Thames Valley. FoDD is an amazing event every year and this year was no exception. FoDD is really a collection of individual sub-events and as a company we attended most of it. Each of us have written about our experiences.

We're in 50 Game Changers again! Changing The Game Year on Year.

Think Engineer are celebrating a high accolade! For the second year running we are one of ConnectTVT's 50 Game Changers in the Thames Valley region. 

UTC Reading Work Experience - The Outcome

As our project with UTC Reading comes to a close it's time to reflect on what was achieved, what was learned by the UTC students and what we learned from the experience. 

Think Engineer at EMF Camp 2018

Having arrived home from EMF Camp 2018 late on Monday evening and taken time to recuperate and gather ourselves, it's about time we started to tell you guys about it. Other members of the team will no doubt go into more technical depth and talk about their various projects and talks. I will stick to the basics of the event and speak from a first timers perspective. What is EMF…



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