What Happens When We've Finished?

When we've finished your project we hand everything over to you. It's all yours, but we don't just leave you there. We can help with finding a manufacturer or other 3rd party taking on the next step of your journey and we're happy to help with handing over to any manufacturer or other technical department or 3rd party. We usually get feedback about the quality of work, code, notation and technical information provided but we're here should there be any questions.

What's The Cost?

Cost varies depending on the scope of the project. We do fully cost a project before there is any commitment or upfront fees. We can usually give a very reasonable estimate of the cost of a project once the basic details have been discussed.

How Long Will It Take?

This could be anything from just a few weeks to months or even more for a big project. We can usually give you a very reasonable idea of the legth of the project once the initial details have been discussed. Consultation is free so give us a call and ask! We're in the UK and your call will be answered by one of the team in our Reading based facility without choosing options or irritating menus.