Electronic Design

We can select the appropriate specification component to use in your hardware, whether that is processor, sensors, power management or wireless connectivity. We can then de-risk the electronics design by utilizing bespoke and Off-The-Shelf modules to test the design before making a fully bespoke circuit board.

Software Developement

We can develop desktop, web and embedded software for your project or product. We work with an assortment of programming languages for a number of different platforms.

Machine Learning Development

We can develop custom algorithms and data analytics programs, as well as utilizing existing machine learning and AI techniques such as genetic algorithms, Neural Networks, multi class classifiers and more.

System Design and Architecture

Before jumping into development we can identify the requirements of your project and produce a complete system design that identifies all of the subsystems of the system, as well as the external systems that it will need to integrate with. A complete system design highlights the interfaces between the different subsystems and between your system and external ones, as well as selecting specific components for each subsystem, hardware, software and data processing element of your application.