We were very pleased to be approached recently by Mike, a contact and friend of the company. Mike works at UTC Reading. We have a good relationship with Mike and he contacted us to talk about an idea he’d had, and we liked it!

He had a group of students who wanted to work on a project during the summer but he wanted to turn it into something even more valuable…

 We would come up with a product idea and the team from the UTC would develop a prototype of the product under our guidance. We want the experience to be as real as possible for the team so we decided one of us (that's me!) will play customer and one of our engineers will be the technical lead. All that set it dawned on us all that a working space was going to present a problem.

Innovation Catalyst to the rescue! Their shared and collaborative working environment will be perfect, we're delighted that they agreed to provide a solution, without them this might not have happened. The team at UTC Reading dealt with all the compliance complications which I feel sure must have been a monumental task, and we're set. 

So starting on the 6th of August, seven (at the last count!) of these talented young people will meet with Think Engineer at Innovation Catalyst and this excellent experience will start. It's all about the students, of course, but there is a sneaking suspicion that we're going to rather enjoy this experience as well.

We have great expectations. We met some of these students at a recent event and were immediately impressed with their abilities and their work and we're extremely excited to be supporting them on their journey to realising their potential. We're sure we'll have a lot to say as this project unfolds - watch this space for more information!

Thanks to:

Mike and Sandra at UTC Reading

The students themselves 

Innovation Catalyst for supporting the project