Perhaps one of the most exciting areas of IoT development is the smart city. Let's look at what that means and what the future might hold...

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has this to say about how it sees smart cities... “The effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens". That’s all good but let's add some substance to this. How is this integration going to help deliver sustainability, prosperity and inclusivity? 

Think Engineer entered a team in HackIoT - Reading Smart City 2018. A great opportunity to mix with the IoT community, play with some hardware and be challenged. Three of us, Charlie - Business Development Manager; Steve - Director/Cofounder and Prototype Engineer; and Andreus, Prototype Engineer, met up at the office late on Friday afternoon and headed off to the Thames Valley Science Park. I'd never been to the place before so first off, that's a pretty impressive facility!