We develop software for IoT systems, including mobile apps for your IoT project, IoT device firmware, IoT system development (front end, back end, etc).


It's important that your prototyping company create well annotated code, complete de-risking of your system and strict version control. Whoever takes the sytem on from us will thank you for the extremely well organised and documented project. We often receive feedback from manufacturers praising our highly disciplined approach. 

Scalable data stores and generating insights from the IoT data are the biggest challenges in IoT app development. LOTS of big data is coming into the system, it requires the right technical architecture to be able to handle it. The raw data is no good unless it's telling you something useful. These are the areas in which our experience of IoT specific development give us an edge over other developers. 

Whatever your IoT needs, we'd love to have a chat. Call us on 0118 327 2430 to learn more about our complete service.

We're used to NDA's, We're very happy to enter into an NDA with you. We even offer a two way NDA of our own but we're happy to work with you.

IOT Prototyping


We offer a complete IoT development & prototyping service

  • Custom PCB's
  • Experts in many radio technologies
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Software/App Development
  • Unrivaled skill and experience in IoT

Machine Learning & AI

We can incorporate machine learning and AI into your IOT project or existing data.

Commercial Research

If your company has a tech product on the market or currently offers a service that is carried out manually, then investing in Research and Development could be crucial to ensure that you are able to stay a step ahead of your competitors and provide the best possible service to your clients.

Smart Prototyping

We provide a complete prototyping service for smart technologies. Maybe it's a one off working device you need or a presentable prototype to enable your next move, whether that be attracting investment, further development or just some R&D.

Remote Monitoring

One of the specialists fields we have experience in is remote monitoring. Remote monitoring devices allow you to keep track of almost anything with the right expertise. We create custom solutions for customers with a remote monitoring need.


We can develop data analytics software to integrate with web applications, data stores and other software using Python.

Software Developement

We can develop desktop, web and embedded software for your project or product. We work with an assortment of programming languages for a number of different platforms.