IoT Prototyping and Development

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A complete IoT prototyping and development service...

Custom IoT Sensors and PCBs

Off the shelf prototyping platforms can be useful for proof of concept work, but when it comes to battery life, operating environment, form factor and efficiency a single custom circuit board housing all your hardware is absolutely necessary.

Experts in many radio technologies

Our experience and expertise in many different radio technologies, such as Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LoRa, SigFox, USSD or even a proprietary protocol just for you, ensures that the right technology for your application can be used.

Expertise in Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning and AI are often requirements in IoT data handling and analysis. Big data from your IoT sensors will is classified, recognised or analysed at a level which can only be handled by machine learning algorithms or AI applications.

Software / Firmware and App Development

Think Engineer create software, firmware, embedded systems and apps in many disciplines, languages and environments. Having a single development supplier across these multiple disciplines will take the headache out of managing such a project.

We offer a two way NDA as standard

Most of our customers require a non disclosure agreement prior to discussing the details of their project or idea. We understand that need which is why we have a two way NDA waiting for you. Just contact us and ask and we'll handle it. Prefer an independent NDA? Not a problem, just get in touch.

Unrivalled skill and experience in IoT

As you can see, Think Engineer are a one stop, entirely UK based, shop for your prototyping and development needs. Our skill set and experience is second to none. Contact Think Engineer to see for yourself how we're different.

Got an idea for an IoT or connected device?

Think Engineer can develop a fully functioning product prototype to meet your business need. Working with you to create a complete demonstration IoT system, designing and developing custom IoT hardware with novel sensors, suitable radio technologies, intelligent software, usable web applications and advanced analytics. Your IoT prototype can be as simple or complex as you need.



Smart Device Prototyping

Smart Devices, often considered consumer level, edge to edge IoT devices in the home, car, pocket or wrist which allow control over a part of life, are gaining popularity rapidly. We offer businesses who don't otherwise have the expertise to bring their idea for a smart device aimed at their customers, in their market, to reality. you can challenge the big players and disrupt your own industry.

Remote Monitoring with IoT

Remote monitoring has become a major part of the world in IoT. Businesses, authorities and industry are looking for new ways to monitor their assets or activities remotely. Think Engineer have extensive experience in creating remote monitoring systems. Our experience in this area is is considerable having worked on projects monitoring everything from desk occupancy to animal behaviour monitoring with machine learning capabilities.


If you need to know more about IoT and how it affects your business arena, what's possible or even what's been done Think engineer are on hand. If you'd like to consult with us just get in touch, we'll be happy to arrange some time for you.

Going beyond the prototype...


Let us help you understand the technical requirements of your IoT development idea and all of the different elements of the system and the final product, how this might impact your business, and then iteratively develop and refine your IoT product prototype.

Think Engineer will stay on board with your project through as many stages as needed, Whether that's making changes required for certification or help arranging manufacturing.