We offer a complete IoT development & prototyping service

  • Custom PCB's
  • Experts in many radio technologies
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Software/App Development
  • Unrivaled skill and experience in IoT

If you have an idea for an IoT product or you need a custom IoT solution Think Engineer can develop a fully functioning product prototype to meet your business need. We can work with you to create a complete demonstration IoT system by designing and developing custom hardware with novel sensors, suitable radio technologies, intelligent software, usable web applications and advanced analytics. Your IoT prototype can be as simple or complex as you need.

We can help you understand the technical requirements of your IoT idea and all of the different elements of the system and the final product,  how this might impact your business, and then iteratively develop and refine your IoT product prototype.

We can create you a one-off demonstration piece, a batch of products for user trials, or whatever you need to meet your next business objective.

Whatever your IoT idea, we'd love to speak to you. Call us on 0118 327 2430 to learn more

We're used to NDA's, We're very happy to enter into an NDA with you. We even offer a two way NDA of our own but we're happy to work with you.


Machine Learning & AI

We can incorporate machine learning and AI into your IOT project or existing data.

PCB Design & Prototyping

While there are a lot of commercially available electronics prototyping platforms, such as Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos, the best solution is a custom circuit board, optimised for power consumption, size and shape, that contains all your sensors, power management and processing in one board.

IoT App Development

We develop software for IoT systems, including mobile apps for your IoT project, IoT device firmware, IoT system development (front end, back end, etc).

Sub GHz Radio

We can develop low power long range low data rate devices with Sub GHz radio connections, this may include LoRa, SigFox, or proprietary protocols. We can develop firmware, hardware and protocols for Sub GHz radios.

Bluetooth low energy

We can create BLE devices that can connect to a mobile phone, app or BLE gateway. This can be the development of a custom PCB as well as the required firmware to implement custom BLE Services and Characteristics.

GPRS & 3G Cellular Connections

For devices that won’t have access to Bluetooth, WiFi or other local internet connections, we can create custom devices that will connect to the internet using 2G and 3G cellular modems.

3D Design and Printing

We can design custom 3D models for your product prototype. Typically we will develop 3D models for electronics enclosures and test rigs, which we can then 3D print in house with our on-site printers, or produce larger quantities of 3D printed models with our local 3D printing partners.