If you have an idea for a product, whether you call it IoT, connected devices or remote monitoring, Think Engineer can develop a fully functioning product prototype to meet your business need. We can work with you to create a complete demonstration IoT system by designing and developing custom hardware with novel sensors, suitable radio technologies, intelligent software, usable web applications and advanced analytics. Your IoT prototype can be as simple or complex as you need.

We can help you understand the technical requirements of your IoT idea, and all of the different elements of the system and the final product that you will need, and how this might impact your business, and the iteratively develop and refine yourIoT product prototype.

We can create you a one of demonstration piece, a batch of products for user trials, or whatever you need to meet your next business objective.

Whatever your IoT idea, we'd love to speak to you. Call us on 0118 327 2430 to learn more

We're used to NDA's, We're very happy to enter into an NDA with you. We even offer a two way NDA of our own but we're happy to work with you.




We will start by building a mutual understanding of your business / project and talk over some options before doing research.

At the end of this an initial proposal will be made.

Consultation is free!

System Design

We will carry out detailed research into the technologies which could be used, identify necessary subsystems and design all parts of the project and how they interact both with each other and existing systems.

A system design document will then be created.

Design Validation

We will endeaver to prove the concept and de-risk the system we have proposed with early stages of software design and hardware integration. The foundation for the rest of the development project is now in place.

Build It

Custom software, PCB design, creation and testing, data analysis and algorithm development, 3D design/ Printing, all as necessary depending on the scope of the project.

Integration and Testing

This is the interesting bit. Your idea comes to life, all our systems, hardware, software, etc come together and a working prototype is the result.

Rinse and Repeat

The process usually requires some in-project changes at this stage which will mean going over those last two steps again.

Project Finalisation

Now we hand over all technical know-how, data and designs to you. We can also assist on the technical side of handover, communicating with your technical departments, manufacturer or other 3rd party as required.