We provide a complete prototyping service for smart technologies. Maybe it's a one off working device you need or a presentable prototype to enable your next move, whether that be attracting investment, further development or just some R&D.

We have the expertise to take your smart from idea to a working device, in hand. We have skills in a wide range of technologies including GPRS/3G connectivity, bluetooth and even sub-GHz radio. We work with existing development platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino but we aslo regularly design and make custom circuit boards to meet a customer's requirement (battery life, range, etc). We write custom sofware to perform the necessary tasks and we can even incorporate AI and machine learning algorythms to process your data. To finish your project we can design and print 3D components such as cases, stads, mounts, whatever is needed.

Please contact us, we love to talk about smart devices and we'd love to talk to you about yours. 0118 327 2430

By the way, when you call, there a no options. One of our team will take the call in our Reading based fascility and will be delighted to help you.

We're used to NDA's, We're very happy to enter into an NDA with you. We even offer a two way NDA of our own but we're happy to work with you.