Think Engineer is a team of passionate and talented engineers who design and develop custom product prototypes and carry out commercial research. We specialize in IoT product prototyping and machine learning.

Think Engineer was founded by engineers that have a desire to help people turn technology into a business.

We are happy to carry out a complete system design to identify all required elements of your project, and design custom electronics, plastics, software and algorithms to realise your idea. Whether you need a one off prototype to pitch to an investor or demonstrate on a crowdfunding campaign, or a few dozen prototypes that are needed for an initial trial of your product we can design and develop the technology you need to build your business and prove your idea.

Meet The Founders


Steve has a breadth of technical skills which include a development of hardware, software, algorithms and complete systems design. Steve has a strong background in intelligent algorithms, data analysis and artificial intelligence. The base of this knowledge has come from a having Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics, and has been developed significantly through experience in commercial research projects in the context of critical infrastructure monitoring, mission planning, and behavioral analysis/detection.

In addition to several years’ experience in commercial research, Steve has worked as part of a software development and support teams for large production software projects for clients such as Toyota Europe and BAA (now Heathrow Airport). This experience of production software development and commercial algorithms research has been complemented by experience in architecting complete
technical systems for large projects.

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Rich completed his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics at the University of Reading. He has since worked as a research and development engineer, designing and implementing solutions across a wide range of domains. Some of these application domains have included communications, transport, defence, and space systems. Rich’s key technical expertise lies in algorithm
development, with a special interest in machine learning, as well having skills in the areas of data analytics and system modelling. Rich is also capable of writing general purpose software using several common programming languages. Utilising transferable engineering skills, Rich has also designed and produced entire ‘Internet of Things’ systems, including system design, complex printed circuit boards, embedded software, and connection to cloud services.

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