About Think Engineer

Think Engineer is a team of passionate and talented engineers who design and develop custom product prototypes and carry out commercial research. We specialize in IoT product prototyping and machine learning.

Think Engineer was founded by engineers who have a desire to help people turn technology into a business.

We are happy to carry out a complete system design to identify all required elements of your project, and design custom electronics, plastics, software and algorithms to realise your idea. Whether you need a one off prototype to pitch to an investor or demonstrate on a crowdfunding campaign, or a few dozen prototypes that are needed for an initial trial of your product we can design and develop the technology you need to build your business and prove your idea.

Meet the team...





Rich attended the University of Reading to earn his Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics on the mistaken belief that this would lead to an exciting career in developing the world’s first sentient androids. After realising that this was maybe not realistic, he instead turned his focus to swarm intelligence, a subfield of AI focussing primarily on studying ants and stealing their dance moves.

Since then Rich has worked as a research and development engineer, designing and implementing algorithms and software for a variety of application domains including communications, transport, defence, and space systems. Rich is especially proud of one project he worked on during this time that essentially involved playing computer games for a living.

After getting frustrated of the slow-paced nature of working for a large tech company, and with a slowly diminishing grasp on his sanity, Rich became one of the founding members of Think Engineer.

Rich’s key technical expertise includes machine learning, Googling things, and designing complex IoT based systems. Rich also has technical skills such as printed circuit board design, software implementation, and data analysis.

One part business manager, two parts engineer, and one part crying in the corner at 2am because his code wont compile, Rich is 100% committed to delivering successful product development projects using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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Steve has a breadth of technical skills which include a development of hardware, software, algorithms and complete systems design. Steve has a strong background in intelligent algorithms, data analysis and artificial intelligence. The base of this knowledge has come from a having Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics, and has been developed significantly through experience in commercial research projects in the context of critical infrastructure monitoring, mission planning, and behavioral analysis/detection.

In addition to several years’ experience in commercial research, Steve has worked as part of a software development and support teams for large production software projects for clients such as Toyota Europe and BAA (now Heathrow Airport). This experience of production software development and commercial algorithms research has been complemented by experience in architecting complete technical systems for large projects.

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Design & Development Engineer

Andrejus specialises in the software side of client projects. This involves designing efficient dataflows in system designs, while also having security in mind. As a result, the project artefacts he produces for prototypes are often re-usable in production environments.

Andrejus's proficiency lies in fast prototyping languages, such as Typescript, as well as more robust low-level languages, such as C++. Having recently upskilled in emerging cloud technologies, he's also the resident expert in "the cloud", wrangling technologies such as Kubernetes and micro-service architecture.

Andrejus has a bilingual IBDP diploma with Computer Science at Higher Level. He's currently working towards a BSc Computer Science at the University of Reading, with a dissertation in IoT environmental monitoring.

He's also active in the local tech community by volunteering as a co-organiser for Google Developer Group Reading & Thames Valley and president at Reading University Hacking society.

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Design and Development Engineer

Adam completed his Bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering at Solent University with particular emphasis on digital signal processing applications and embedded systems design.

Adam brings to the team a wealth of experience in production-scale electronics manufacturing and testing; stemming from his previous role as a production engineer for an industry-leading audio hardware manufacturer.

Adam is proficient with a plethora of technologies which enable the rapid development of entire IoT system prototypes from conceptualisation to implementation. His expertise spans both the hardware and software domains and, as such, he's particularly skilled in a multitude of areas.

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Business Development Manager

Charlie has a long history in business development, client engagement and customer relations in a broad range of industries including IT sales, specialist travel and automotive.

Skills include web design and development, emarketing, branding and brand development, graphical communications, sales and marketing and business strategy. 

Charlie has spent a number of years offering freelance consultancy as well as working for small and large travel companies and various motor groups (dealer franchises). 

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