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Having arrived home from EMF Camp 2018 late on Monday evening and taken time to recuperate and gather ourselves, it's about time we started to tell you guys about it. Other members of the team will no doubt go into more technical depth and talk about their various projects and talks. I will stick to the basics of the event and speak from a first timers perspective.

What is EMF Camp?...

If you haven't read previous blog posts about this, we're taking 7 UTC Reading Students through the entire process of fully developing a customer idea and creating a working prototype IoT product to meet all the customer requirements in 4 weeks. Monday 6 August saw the beginning of this brilliant project.

6 Students from UTC Reading (one is on holiday but will join us from next week), all arrived promptly at Innovation Catalyst's amazing facility at the Thames Valley Science Park, looking eager, suited and booted and wanting to know what would be in store for them...

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